Veritas Veil is a third-person multiplayer shooter game in development that pays homage to classic stealth titles like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. Our game places a strong emphasis on stealth and close-quarters combat, empowering players to choose their preferred playstyle, whether it's a supportive role, a stealthy approach, or an aggressive strategy, and more.

In our (planned) signature gamemode, teams of 5 players each clash in intense battles, where one team takes on the role of defenders safeguarding crucial objectives while performing guard duties to keep them busy. The opposing PMC team's mission is to breach the defenses and seize control of these objectives. Players will have access to a diverse arsenal of weapons, both lethal and non-lethal, as well as the option for hand-to-hand combat to subdue foes. The game offers a wide range of movement mechanics that create immersive environments that foster stealthy gameplay.

Choose your path, master your skills, and join the battle today!

Future Plans 

October 2023: Finalize core gameplay mechanics.

November 2023: Begin sending alpha testing demos out to interested players.

December 2023: Refine and improve the game based on beta tester feedback.

December 2023: Launch a marketing campaign to create anticipation.

February 2024: Release the game in early access at the end of Steam's Next Fest.
(If the game isn't ready for early access, then we will delay the release to a date after Steam Next Fest.)

March 2024: Continuously update the game based on player feedback.

Q2 2025: Exit early access and transition to full release.

These are ambitious plans. They might not be achieved. But big goals often lead to reasonable results.

Videos and Screenshots


Coming soon!


Join the Discord server to get updates on new demo releases: https://discord.gg/3xE8jCbN 

Visit the itch.io page to download the latest build (this will become a Steam page later this fall):