I'm Ashley Baker, and I'm looking for Game Programmer roles.

I've been pretty specialized into Unity, but I've been starting to learn other engines as well. I'm currently trying to break into the video game industry by finding my first role at a studio.

Want to contact me? Send an email to gamedevbaker@gmail.com!

Here are some things I've done:

This is my current personal project and it is heavily inspired by Metal Gear Online.

Sundowner is a multiplayer survival game that I started a while ago. I probably won't return to this project, but it was a great learning experience none the less. (Biggest lesson I learned: Don't change VR interaction systems halfway through the project!)

The following are the most notable aspects of the project.

Procedural Generation
Early on, the procedural generation was pretty abysmal. I didn't really know how to make procedural generated landscapes at the time, so my first attempt at it was pretty bad. It basically just looped over each point of the procedurally generated mesh and placed a random plant or rock there.

Of course, this isn't very good, so I tried adding random variations and doing multiple passes

But over time I learned new tricks to make it better! 

For example, the trees and various other non-landscape objects are placed by a raycast system now, instead of the old system, which looped through each ground vertex, checked if it could place something there, and then it would place it in a random position around that point, until a certain amount of an object was placed.

There were still some issues with placing larger structures. They would sometimes clip into the ground, so I had to do something about it. I had to make a system to flatten the ground beneath buildings and large structures.

The first go at it didn't really work. It flattened the ground and increased the height to the maximum map height. It wasn't even centered around the structure.

Then, it was centered but it still would increase the ground height far above the structure.

But then, after tweaking it a bit, I got it to flatten the ground below the object exactly how I wanted it to. Without this system, large structures, like the one on the right wouldn't be possible.

Base Building
This is currently not in the game, as I switched VR interaction systems (which required me to basically restart the entire project), but in the previous interaction system, I had created a basic base building system.

Resource Gathering/Tools
This is the latest thing I have worked on with the project. All of the tools are physics-based, so they have weight, and because of that, some tools need two hands to be wielded. Trees and stone/ore nodes require specific tools to be properly harvested, so you can't chop a tree down with a pickaxe, nor harvest a node with a hatchet. I'm particularly happy with the feedback I added, such as the particles from hitting a resource and the way that the UI displays how much of the resource you gathered.

Technical Details
Game Engine: Unity 2020
Frameworks Used: HurricaneVR (originally Unity's XR Framework), Mirror

Miscellaneous (micro projects or one off things)

Tarkov-inspired VR weapon system

While developing a potential weapon system for Sundowner, I went a bit overboard and created this system. It lets you manually chamber rounds, each of which have their own stats. For example, rubber bullets do little damage, but ricochet more. 

In this system, you could load a magazine full of different round types too! For example, you could use mostly regular bullets, but put in a few tracer rounds at the end. Basically, the magazine and weapon remember what was put into it, unlike most games, where if there even is an option to change bullet types, all bullets become that type. A round you put at the bottom of a magazine could be removed from the chamber and it would be the exact same bullet you put into it originally.

The bullets are also physically based, although maybe a little unrealistic. There is penetration and ricochet, along with the usual drop off most games have.


This was a small prototype that I sadly lost the files to, as I created it on my dad's laptop over a summer break. It is a simple fighting game where you try to knock your opponent off the playing field. This first video is a more polished version (but I didn't have anyone to play with), while the second one has me playing against my sister with an older version.

The Wizard's Dialect

This was a small game jam game I had completed for the Jamingtons 8.0 Quarantine Jam, check it out here: https://eclipsedstudios.itch.io/the-wizards-dialect

The basics premise of the game is that you must learn the spells of certain enemies to fight them. For example, the fireball spell will only affect the fire wielding enemies. The gameplay is a little punishing and you will fail multiple times, but eventually you learn the tricks to beat it through trial and error. Everything, from the music to the graphics were made within the 3 day game jam period.

Pack Sim

This is a simple website I made to learn React. It basically lets you open virtual Magic the Gathering packs, try it out here: https://eclipsedstudios.github.io/PackSimWebsite/ 

(Don't try to open "Wilds of Eldraine", as the set isn't released as of 8/14/23, so you can't really open packs from the set yet. The option is there because I have it setup to dynamically add new sets)

Thanks for checking out my portfolio!

If you have any recommendations for me to improve it or are interested in working with me, let me know! My email is jaden@eclipsed-studios.com.